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The following are some resources that I have found helpful. Hopefully you will too.


Indiana Voter

First things first, are you registered to vote in Indiana? Maybe you’re not sure if you’re registered? Maybe you’ve moved recently? Click the link below and check yourself in the formal state registry.


Indiana Gateway

Curious about city budgets? Any idea how much actually gets spent on our schools each year? All of our municipal records are publicly accessible, if you know where to access them. You can access them via the Indiana Gateway here. Choose a report type, toggle through the County, Unit, and Year options and you might be surprised with what you find.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 11.02.46 PM.png

City of Anderson Map

What district do you live in? Where are the TIF Districts? What’s that street called? Who owns that empty lot down the street? The city GIS map is full of data that you should know about. Click the layer button in the top right corner and toggle through the options and see what you can’t learn. #themoreyouknow